10 Best Legitimate Work from Home Jobs to Earn 5 Figures Per Month


10 Best Legitimate Work from Home Jobs to Earn 5 Figures Per Month | Work-at-Home Tabby Cat Tucked in a Bed Browsing Cellphone

15 Ways to Earn Money at Home that Pays Well
There will be more people who will jump into the “work from home” lifestyle in this new decade.
If you’re self-motivated and focused, it would be great for you to start a career working from home because of the many perks. You’d save money when you work from home in so many different areas. Gas, lunches, day care (perhaps), clothing, time saving, and much more will be saved. Today I’m sharing my work at home and the 15 legit work from home jobs that pay well.
A couple years ago, I desperately wanted to leave my 9-5 job because I was tired of commuting for 4 hours everyday and air pollution makes me sick. I wanted something that is more comfortable and flexible job but there was nothing. I felt helpless.
Some people seem to cracked the code of earning 5-6 figures per month while enjoying the comfort of their home but they tend to be selfish in sharing how they got into that position. Good thing I found a way online while browsing on my Facebook newsfeed about blogging and now, I am proud to say that I’m earning 6 figures now by just working 2 hours per day.
I tried my best to research the most successful work from home moms and to model what they did, how they were able to get started, if it was easy to do it with kids, and most of all, how much they were able to earn working from home.
1. Transcriptionist
2. Proofreader
3. Virtual Bookkeeper
4. Blogger
5. Virtual Assistant
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6. Freelance Writer

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7. Online English Teacher
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8. Dropshipping (Amazon FBA and Shopify)
9. Social Media Manager
10. Graphic Designer

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