How to Cheer Up Your Kids From Being Bored

To a parent or caregiver, few things are more frustrating to hear from a child than the dreaded “I’m bored! “Perhaps it’s because we know that in their room there’s a pile of perfectly good toys waiting to be played. Or maybe it’s because we are specifically looking to them to solve the problem. 
No parent or child care provider wants a child bored for hours to sit around, so what’s the best way to deal with the situation? We have been talking to experts to get their thoughts on the best ways to help children get active and deal with boredom.
Know that getting bored can be good for children.
Experts agree that today’s children are over-scheduled and over-stimulated, and say you should look at the boredom of their children as a positive thing rather than a negative. Heidi McBain, a family therapist and play therapist, says boredom is essential for children, because it leads to increased creativity and helps your child grow significantly.

How to Cheer Up Your Kids From Being Bored Quarantine Coronavirus (COVID19) | Happy Puppy Corgi Playing with Tennis Ball

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