How to Choose the Right Floor Mop


How to Choose the Right Floor Mop Guide Tips | Cats Ride Mop

A number of various kinds of mops can be found on the market.
Learning a little about every form of mop will help you figure out the style that meets your needs.
Sponge Mops
Such mops are equipped with a thin, thickened, rectangular sponge. Below the sponge, with a shorter handle, is a flat metal or plastic part attached. You just squeeze this handle toward the sponge to squeeze out the mop. The flat part of the handle is sponges compressed and any excess water is removed.
Sponge mowers are ideal if unregulated surfaces like tile floors are to be cleaned.
The sponge works very well to get into the rain or depressed areas on the ground so that every part of the soil can be washed. The only downside of these mops is that if they are not cleaned between uses, they tend to bear bacteria. The main thing to prevent this problem is to completely rinse it after each application.
In an area where they can dry thoroughly, they should also be stored. The perfect breeding ground for bacteria is any moisture remaining in the mop. Every effort should therefore be made to dry the mop between uses completely.
String Mops
Maybe string mop is the best known form of mop. It’s the sort of mop that most people remember instinctively as you try to figure out how a mop looks. Essentially it is a set of cotton strings all joined at the end.
Such strings are placed on a regular handle for mop size. The wringer is usually inside the mop bucket rather than having a ringer on the mop itself. All you need to do is insert mop in the wringer and squeeze the handle to remove excess water.These mops are very cheap and can contain plenty of water. But they can be a bit difficult to look after. To clean them between sessions, it is usually necessary to wash them carefully to avoid dirt and grime.
In addition, they tend to break down and quickly lose lines. This means you may need to replace your mop head on a regular basis to keep it in top form.
Microfiber Mops
Microfiber mops are extremely similar to string mops. The primary difference is that instead of cotton strings, they have strips of microfiber coming off of the mop head. Not only are these mops highly absorbent but they are also easy to care for.
They can be thrown in the washing machine between mopping sessions, allowing you to kill any bacteria that may be lurking in the mop head. These mops are also nonabrasive, which helps eliminate the risk of leaving behind any scratches on your floor.
Finally, this brief introduction to the various types of wet mops that are presently present gives you a better understanding of the mop model that works best for your home.
In this way you can limit your quest to only those mops that suit your needs while shopping for high-quality Mop and Bucket Sets.

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