How to Earn Money On Involve Asia


To earn money on Involve Asia, you first need to make sure you have an account as a publisher and your property is accepted. If you do not have an account, go to the Involve Asia website to sign up to start making money online as an affiliate marketer.

Involve Asia is a leading affiliate marketplace solution that helps businesses across Asia increase their sales by partnering with online publishers and influencers. We usually talk about Involve Asia Philippines, but this information now applies to every country.

In other words, if you live in Asia or outside, it’s ok! This article covers how to make money with Involve Asia for all online publishers.

How To Make Money on Involve Asia
This section covers how to make money joining Involve Asia by exploring different types of commission models. You will find the commission structure at the bottom of the page for each company on the Involve Asia platform.

Cost Per Sale (CPS)
Cost per sale is an ever-increasing commission model that businesses use to give commission-only on sales, which means your viewers or readers have to buy an item before making the commission. To make an official sale, earn a commission, there must be no cancellations or refunds.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
Sometimes it is referred to as cost per action, but it is essentially the same. You get paid from Involve Asia when your viewers or readers complete a particular action which may vary depending on the company itself. For example, a company may decide that the action is conducting a small survey.

Cost Per Lead (CPL)
The lead in business terms is when someone completes a form or submits personal information to a business. A lead must be genuine, and there are often terms associated with a cost per lead to prevent misuse of this commission model. You can find cost per lead in many industries; however, you will find it mainly in the financial sector across Asia.

Cost Per Install (CPI)
The following way how to make money in Involve Asia earns commission per installation. This is common in mobile games, but many companies outside of this industry operate on this commission structure. For example, companies offering software typically use a cost-per-install commission model.

Cost Per Click (CPC)
This is probably one of the most satisfying commission models for many affiliate marketers because they are guaranteed payments as long as the clicks are true, and thus often easier to make money on. by cost per click; however, in some instances, commission rates may be lower compared to other types of commission models above.

Tips to Earn More Money Involve Asia
Fortunately, to earn more money with Involve Asia, there are many things you can do.

The simplest way to make money with Involve Asia is to make sure your affiliate links are in all content and online resources. For example, if you recently completed a blog post about an item on Lazada, can you also share it as a video on YouTube? This will help your channels grow and open up more opportunities to make money from affiliate marketing.

If you have a YouTube channel and a suitable channel (recommended), it’s usually a good idea to add your links to your channel description. Going to your YouTube settings will allow you to set a default description to automatically add your affiliate links to new videos.

Finally, when looking at how to make money in Involve Asia, you will notice that they have an internal membership program as a publisher, but what is the membership program in Involve Asia?

Basically, membership programs provide additional benefits to publishers, meaning you can earn more money and more often. There are four levels of silver, gold, platinum, and black. I linked some more information above for your reference. But to summarize, the most beneficial aspect of membership is that commission rates are higher.

Another way to earn more money by joining Involve Asia is to target affiliate programs with the highest commissions or most popular products. Lazada, for example, is a well -known and popular platform. Thus, it may be easier to make sales and commissions from this platform due to its popularity and reliability.

How To Earn Fast In Involve Asia
So now that we have examined how to make money by signing up on Asia, this leads to the following question: How to make money fast by joining Involve Asia?

Some people say you can’t make quick money with affiliate marketing. This is, unfortunately, incorrect. Affiliate marketing is probably one of the fastest ways to make money online publishers in this modern world.

To earn fast with Involve Asia, online publishers will need to distribute their affiliate links strategically and appropriately to the relevant audience in the right way. This leads to online publishers increasing their membership programs and earning more money faster.

When you are trying to make money by joining Involve Asia, it is recommended to focus on the long game. Making high -quality blog videos or any other content, for example, may not get 100,000 views in 30 days, but high -quality content will remain, and if you want to make money from to Involve Asia in the long run, then create compelling realistic, and quality content is important.

However … suppose you are an online publisher with a large audience or quickly produce high quality content, then in theory … you can earn faster with Involve Asia by publishing more content that includes your affiliate links.

Every video or photo content you post is like adding a fishing rod to a lake. Of course, this is not guaranteed, but the more fishing rods you have, the more fish you can catch, which is similar to affiliate marketing in some respects.

How To Get Approved To Involve Asia
Signing up to the Involve Asia platform is pretty straightforward. However, adding your property and acceptance as an affiliate on the Involve Asia platform can be slightly different. Property, in the simplest way, is a channel you use to reach other people. This could be a YouTube channel, a blog, a social media platform, etc.

For these reasons, a property in Involve Asia may be declined. However, the support team says online publishers will be notified in an email within two business days why their property has been denied.

As mentioned, there may be many different factors behind it. But logical thinking often presents many possible reasons. When I first signed up to the platform, I had similar problems, and in my experience, I found my platforms were rejected due to lack of traffic, site user experience, or overall feel for the content.

It makes sense why there are specific requirements for affiliate marketing in Involve Asia; however, I understand that it can be frustrating as an online publisher. The good news is that while you wait, there are other ways to make money; check out our official guide to affiliate marketing, make money on YouTube, and make money from a blog for more information.

If your property is declined, that doesn’t mean you can no longer use that site. This simply means that you will need to fix the issue or add more content or whatever may be the problem before you can apply again, and then you can start making money with Involve Asia.

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