How to Get Paid to Use Pinterest Earn $50/Hour


How to Get Paid to Use Pinterest Earn $50/Hour | Cat Plays with Red Yarn Ball

In recent years, Pinterest has become one of the main platforms for the sharing and marketing of products by bloggers and business owners.
It is not just a forum where pinners search for recipes or fashion ideas, but you find users searching for tips, goods, education, professional life, e-commerce, etc. This is a huge contribution to business owners and producers of content who want their business to grow.
This means that they need some support to promote themselves, that is where you come in.
You can now make money from Pinterest to assist you in maintaining and promoting your Pinterest account.
As a Pinterest VA, you can open a page for your clients, create new pins and share them with Pinterest. You can gain $30-$50 an hour with experience.
I see at least 4 posts on Facebook every day where bloggers ask Pinterest Management for help.
You are certainly working in this field. There is no doubt. And best of all, your pay is recurring as a Pinterest VA. This ensures that once a customer registers with you, they will be yours for many months. Every month you pay for your support from Pinterest.
Say customer A pays you $500 a month and customer B pays $800 every month, so you’re getting $1300 a month for only 2 customers.
A variety of Pinterest VA’s are able to handle as many customers as possible.
I’ll show you how to start and earn money of this kind.
Would you like to become a virtual assistant to Pinterest?
To continue this hectic you don’t have to be an expert at Pinterest.
You will earn $500-$1,000 a month for just a few hours of work with a will and passion for learning. But you can earn more based on the hours you work if you want to pursue this profession as a full-time job.
What’s a virtual assistant for Pinterest?
You help customers grow their presence in Pinterest as a Pinterest VA. This means that you help them set up, manage and grow a Pinterest account.
This will help you bring visitors to your website or to your online shop.
As a Pinterest VA, how much can you receive? The starting rate is $15 an hour, although most VA earn $30-$50 an hour on average.
This depends on the programs and the level of expertise you want to deliver.
You can turn this side heat into a full time income if you have enough time to learn and grow.
Can you imagine that? Actually, you can get paid for using Pinterest as you would usually, but with a small difference. You help to manage and build the account of someone else.
Pinterest Virtually Assistant Services
Pinterest VAs do everything possible from Pinterest account development, pin design, scheduling, analytics analysis, keyword study, etc.
The pin designing will be a breeze if you are a creative person. A smooth, clean pin that appeals to the reader visually is a success. The pin images must be accompanied by a keyworded pin definition so that when searching Pinterest, readers can locate your pin images.
You don’t have to worry about sending pin photos to your customers all day, when you schedule pins.
Automated schedulers such as Tailwind which is approved by Pinterest allow you to schedule a bunch of pins weeks or a month in advance. As a Pinterest VA, this greatly reduces the workload.
But the best part to be done is to select the services and pricing that you feel comfortable to offer. Therefore, you mustn’t worry to know everything to start providing your services.
You can move from a Pinterest VA to a Pinterest Manager to progress in your career.
With your experience, you can provide more detailed services such as a Pinterest audit to support more users, boost old pin explanations, replenish your Pinterest account and provide other personalized services.
As a Pinterest Manager the pay rate increases and ranges between $75 and $100 an hour.
Can you work anywhere?
Absolutely! You just need an internet connection and a computer.
We now live in a global economy and the internet allows VAs and consumers, regardless of location, to work together.
Pinterest is one of the most popular online platforms so soon you will never run out of business.

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