How to Make a Bow with Ribbon for Hair


How to Make a Bow with Ribbon for Hair | Cat Breaks When Human Puts Flower on Her Head

7 steps To Create Bow Tie Hair Bow
How to make stylish and easy to make hair bows and hair accessories Hair bows are fun to wear accessories with any hair length and at any age. Sometimes you may want a hair bow which suits your outfit or is theme of some case, but you can’t find the design you need in the shop. In those situations, or if you’re only imaginative, collect materials and make a bow yourself.
1. Consider the versatile bow tie hair bow. The tucked tails of this style give it the look of a bow tie. This arch is easy to attach to any hair clip and is ideal for children, animals or headbands.
2. Gather your materials. For this bow style you can use any ribbon fabric or pattern. You might also choose an adornment to add a finisher to the middle of the bridge.
The following items are required:
Hot glue gun or fabric glue
Embellishment for the center of the bow
Hair clip, elastic, or headband to apply the bow to
3. Decide what size you would like your bow to be. This bow design works in small or large sizes. Once you decide on the size you prefer, you will need to double the length, and add one extra inch to figure out how much material you will need to make your bow.
If you would like a standard 2 1/2 inch bow, you will need six inches of fabric.
4. Cut the ribbon to the length you want. You should loop the ribbon into a circle once it is cut and overlap the two edges by 1⁄2 inch (1.3 cm).
5. Keep the overlapped edges in place and move through the bottom of your threading needle and raise it upwards. Then wrap the threaded needle several times around the center of the bow to pinch the center of the bow.
6. Keep the needle threaded off. Once the thread has a tight grip in the middle of the bow, you can drive the threaded needle through the top of the bow and pull it down. Remove the needle and tie a knot into the rest of the thread so that it is not pulled back into the thread.
7. Full your bow. If you want, you can wrap your thread around the center and add another piece. By gluing it to the middle of the bow, you can add some form of embellishment. Your bow is ready to wear after it has dried.


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