How to Make a Perfect Burger Guide Tips

Here are some tips to make the best burgers possible in your own kitchen. Some burgers are better than the others. Everything is in the technique — how you assemble and grill it.

How to Make a Perfect Burger Guide | Shiba Inu Plays Fetch with Hamburger Stuffed Toy

Begin with the Right Beef
The best burgers come in a high quality 80/20 mixture of fresh ground beef chuck (meat and fat). Sprinkle the beef with salt and pepper, then season. If you have a secret ingredient like sauce or bacon chopped with Worcestershire, add it. Gently put together. Overmix, that’s what you don’t want to do.
Forming the Patties
Takes from hand to hand between 5 and 6 ounces of meat and slightly tosses it into a ball.
Pat It Into a Disk
The patty should be about 3/4 to 1 inch in thick and at least as long as your bun.
Hidden Secret for the Perfect Burger
Create a divot with your thumb in the center of the burger to help maintain its shape during cooking. Such patties can be made in front of the refrigerator and frozen.
Start Grilling
Preheat the grill over direct heat to average or medium-high. Grill with a flavored neutral oil such as canola or vegetables. It’s hot enough to put burgers on the oil when it starts to smoke. Top the burgers with salt and pepper once again at a room temperature. Bring on the grill the burgers and let them be. Better the burger is the less touching. Resist the urge to push down for a juicier burger. Cover the barbecue.
Time for Flipping
When the burger releases without sticking, it is time to turn.
Cook approximately 5 minutes per side for medium burgers. Go a little longer for well-done.
Place the burgers on the cooler side of the grill and cover them with cheese for a minute to allow the cheeses to melt. Lay the patties on the buns, add additional toppings and eat.

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