How to Run Faster


How to Run Faster for Track Tips Tricks | Corgi Puppy and Human Jogging

Either you’re running short distance or long distance for track, speed is the key to winning the race. Even though for long-distance races you don’t expend all your strength in sprints, your speed always needs to be faster than your opponent. As most people think, practicing running fast  doesn’t help you to get faster. What will help increase your running speed for the next meet are several form, breathing, diet, exercise and mental techniques.
  • Running on hills once a week will create dynamic muscle strength that will make you track faster and help you push through the tiredness of the last stretch of your run. Keep your posture upright while practicing running hills and and use midfoot or forefoot footstrikes to avoid straining your muscles.
  • Take your off-road run for 10 to 20 minutes, for example on a soft-surface trail. Natural trails have uneven surfaces, twists and turns, as well as climbs and descents, all of which will allow you to use small muscles in your feet, legs and core that you don’t normally use and speed up when you return to the track.
  • Perform two or three running planks a week. You will improve your muscles and increase your endurance by focusing on your core and the speed with which you carry your leg in.

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