Adorable Golden Retriever Runs Errands for Owner

Cute Golden Retriever Doggo Goes Viral for Picking Up Owner’s Order from Restaurant
A lovely dog went viral for getting its owner’s order from a Chick-fil-A restaurant in North Carolina. The restaurant staff did not get enough of this lovely dog – and shared his video on social media where netizens will surely fall in love.
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These days, there are many changes that business institutions need to make in order to still operate despite the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, there is a time when restaurants are not allowed to eat with customers but can still take or deliver orders.
Recently, restaurants have been allowed to dine with customers but should still have social distance and allow limited customers per table. There are some restaurants that allow curbside pickup or parking lot, something that is offered if they do not have drive through options.
Chick-fil-A in Carraway Village, Chapel Hill, a town in North Carolina, offers parking pickups for customers who book in advance.
But crews have the surprise of a lifetime when a golden retriever is the one who chooses to order one of their customers! Isn’t that adorable?
Adorable Dog Runs Errands for Owner
After finding out that the customer was sending a golden retriever for the order instead of taking the order in person, the staff took a video of the lovely dog about to go viral for its clever move.
Ellie, the lovely golden retriever, assists her owner Nick, in getting orders from Carraway Village Chick-fil-A.
It was never more fun or convenient to use our mobile application for curbside delivery. Ask Ellie. Just ask her. She loves running to meet the Team Member delivering her food and bringing it back to her owner, Nick, who was waiting in their curbside space, “a store representative wrote.
‘This is Ellie’s favorite thing to do,’ Nick said. This is our favorite thing to do to deliver delicious food to happy Guests; with four-legged guests! Place your curbside order on mobile today and make your favorite part of the day get your Chick-fil-A like Ellie!
Check out this lovely video:
What is a Curbside Pickup?
A curbside pickup allows customers to place their orders in advance via mobile apps, phone on, or online options. But instead of taking the order from inside the restaurant, the customer waits outside, such as in the parking lot or by the side of the road.

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