What This Woman Did Was Amazing


A woman went viral as she walked the streets of Turkey with a parade of animals following her every move. What is wonderful is that she is not onl followed by dogs but also all other animals, including many cats and various birds!
A Woman is Seen Parading with Animals

We hear stories of people who can talk to animals. They are often referred to as witches or witches and are often frightened, because people think they have the power to control these animals to make their bidding, which leads to something that can be bad…
So, when a woman is spotted in Turkey followed by a parade of animals as she walks down the street, you can imagine how surprised people are.

Bu hanim her gun mahallede ne kadar hayvan varsa etrafina toplayip onlari doyuruyor. Kedi kopek karga hepsi sisko hahajd @MaltepeBelTr pic.twitter.com/f8r5UnDHUb

— ☽ Dilere (@cocukkilidi) September 23, 2017

Netizen Dilara İlter was just visiting her mother in Turkey when she saw the woman at the window, followed by so many animals of different species! While it is common to see people walking with their dogs, this is the first time Dilara has seen a person walking with many animals.
What utterly wonderful is that the  animals seem to recognize her as their friend – no matter what bird follows him around! Dilara joked that the woman could have a wizard or whatever. Or maybe she was the woman reported by the fictional “Pied Piper of Hamelin”, as in the stories.
Laughing at the idea, Dilara’s mother told her that the woman is usually seen on the streets followed by animals because these are stray animals that she feeds regularly.
The scene was amazing. I was amazed at how well she managed to make these animals followed her, ”said Dilara.
However, there are many people who feed wild animals but none of them follow such a parade of different species as he walks the city streets, huh? He is probably a real animal whisperer!
What is an Animal Whisperer?
An animal whisper is something that is believed to have the ability to communicate with animals. These people have the unique ability to calm animals even in the most stressful situations. They are also known to ‘break’ wild animals.

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