Adorable Video of a ‘Guilty’ Doggo Stealing Food Wins the Internet


It’s true that dogs are often so mischievous sometimes, yet many folks wonder if they also feel guilty after doing something wrong? Well, that’s answered during a hilarious video shared by a netizen a few dog that was caught in act while stealing food from the counter. Its reaction was definitely priceless!

Doggo Goes Viral After Getting Caught Stealing Food

It’s true that you simply simply can train your dogs to stay off any food that you don’t give them. But many pet owners know that there are just a few dogs that are too mischievous or that there are just times when the temptation to try is too strong.

Take for example, this golden retriever who was caught within the act because it was trying to steal food from the kitchen counter. The mischievous dog knew where the great food is stored – and will easily reach the counter! Thinking that nobody was watching, the dog carefully stood on its hind limb to succeed in full height and obtain the yummy food from where it had been stored. Of course, the mission wasn’t very easy because it doesn’t have hands. But this dog persevered and eventually managed to topple the stack of containers to urge the food that it wanted to eat. Mission successful! The container is closed, but the dog surely knew the way to catch on open. Unfortunately, the owner was actually conscious of what it had been doing – and was filming the entire thing. Oh my!

The clever dog was close to escape with the container when it noticed that somebody was there.

“Unbelievable!” a lady was heard muttering. “No! What do you think you’re doing?” The look on the dog’s face was just so hilarious that this pet owner knew it had been too precious to not share online. The dog appears to be torn between deed with the container and returning it to the counter. 😀

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