Travel, Teach & Earn: Apply For The JET Programme

Travel, Teach & Earn: Apply For The JET Programme

Traveling is often billed as a luxury that many of us must save for – but what if you could see the sights of a beautiful country and earn money for your future? The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme allows successful applicants to do just that.

Aimed at promoting grassroots international exchange between Japan and other countries, the JET Programme is oft cited as an adventure of a lifetime. Intrigued by the idea of applying? Read on to learn if this exchange program is for you!

What Is The JET Programme?

Launched in 1987, the JET Programme invites applicants from different participating nations to work in Japan up to five years. Pay and workload vary depending on the role that you are assigned to and your area of assignment.

The programme offers three positions: Assistant Language Teachers (aka ALTs), Coordinators for International Relations (aka CIRs), and Sports Exchange Advisers (SEAs).

ALTs are teamed up with Japanese homeroom teachers to teach English in public K-12 schools. Some of an ALT’s regular duties include creating games and learning activities, and helping plan lessons so students will be motivated to study English.

CIRs are assigned to local governments offices. They are primarily employed to help with community event planning,  translation, and coordinating with international exchange programs. Sports Exchange Advisers are assigned to assist with sports training and sports-related activities.

Where Does The JET Programme Take Place?

The JET Programme is executed in different rural and urban areas of Japan, with thousands of accepted applicants coming from different nations. Depending on your role, you will be assigned to a local government unit or a school.

Who Can Apply?

These are the qualifications for eligibility from applicants of participating nations:

  1. Interested in Japan and willing to learn and appreciate Japanese culture
  2. Mentally and physically healthy
  3. Willing and able to adapt to living and working in Japan while fulfilling their job duties for the required duration
  4. Holds a Bachelor’s degree or higher, or have this qualification by the designated arrival date. Alternatively, applicants for ALT positions can have a certification of completion of a 3-year course to teach at elementary or secondary schools, or hold this qualification by their assigned arrival date.
  5. Be a national of the country where recruitment and selection take place at the time of their application form submission.
  6. Adept in the standard pronunciation, rhythm, and intonation of the designated language of their participating country.

When Can I Apply For The JET Programme?

Participating countries have different annual deadlines. Contact your Embassy or Consulate General to find out more about deadlines for applications and program durations.

Why Should I Apply For The JET Programme?

The JET Programme is an excellent way for you to learn more about Japan and its culture, while sharing your skills and knowledge with a community. You’ll be earning a reasonable salary in exchange for your hard work. The best part? It opens up the chance to travel all over Japan and other nearby Asian countries. If you qualify to apply, it can be the opportunity of a lifetime!

How Do I Apply?

Contact or visit the Embassy/Consulate General of Japan in your country, especially to get forms and submit your application or visit JET Programme’s website.

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