Anti-Vibration Pads for Washing Machine


Non-Slip point The anti vibration pads strength of the shock absorbing pad’smicro- grip traction pattern fully eliminates the washer or abstainer’s bottom movement and greatly reduces the transfer of climate from your washer/ abstainer to the bottom to help cover it from clangors and scrapes and the appliance itself from any damage.

Noise and Movement Cancelling washing machine pads for anti vibration piled washer teetotaler , these innovative supports can stop high and strong vibration, while furnishing bottom protection and noise reduction, washing machine bases pads anti vibration pads rubber anti vibration pads.

Fits utmost Models WasherAnti-vibration andanti-walk washer and teetotaler pads for lg samsung washing machine. Fit any frontal cargo or top haul clothes washers, dryers, anti vibration pads for refrigerator, 2- in- 1 quintet or other appliances from any brand, anti vibration insulation pads.

Can be Used for Furniture Legs Our heavy- duty pads are constructed from a mix of hard durometer rubbers which allows for a long- continuing and high- performing pad. Anti vibration pads round you can also use it for your cabinetwork’s legs to help scrapes on bottoms or to keep them Vibration stable.

Easy Installation and Modular Design No tools or bonds demanded! Simply lift your appliance safely also place one of these pads below each appliance bottom for effective vibration immersion and noisereduction. The modular design makes it divisible and stackable, anti slip rubber washing machine bases pads and the height can be acclimated according to the factual situation. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO SAFETY WHEN INSTALLING

Anti Vibration Pads for Washing Machine, 4pcs Stackable Shock and Noise Cancelling Washer Dryer Support, Anti-Walk Dryer Washer vibration Mat pedestals Rubber Washer Machine bases Pads Stabilizer

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