Heavy Duty Extensible Appliance Roller


A set of two appliance breakers to help you move heavy appliances fluently

Length can be freely acclimated from17.7-27.5 elevation, the range is 2 elevation, and the height is1.57inches. It can carry heavy objects of different sizes

Heavy appliances aren’t easy to move, performing in long- term accumulation of dirt and bacteria on the ground. Using this appliance comber allows you to fluently move heavy objects, accessible for your home cleaning.

Each set of appliance is equipped with 24 breakers, which has large stress area and strong bearing capacity. Equipped with anti-skid bumper, anti-skid, shock immersion, reduce noise. Equipped with boscage pad, it can be fixed.

Suitable for washing machine, refrigerator, dishwasher, teetotaler , lounge and other heavy electrical appliances and cabinetwork

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