How to Clean Your Computer Monitor and Keyboard


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A computer is a very important part in our life. But how many of us took the time to clean up this communication powerhouse properly when it’s time for some cleaning?

Your computer need a good spring cleaning once in a while even if you just spilled a soda on the keyboard, the following tips on how to keep your clean your keyboard can help.

Here are some keyboard cleaning tips:
First of all, shut down the computer and unplug the keyboard if it is a desktop.

For fast cleaning, the keyboard can be blast with a can of compressed air, so that any debris can be removed.

You can gently run a Swiffer duster over it as well.

Try to turn the keyboard upside down and tap it on a hard surface to loosen the scraps that seem particularly stuck. When you spill a liquid on the keyboard, turn it over and shake off the substance as soon as you can. Pat the keyboard dry, but for a few hours leave it turned upside down.

Using a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol, you can clean the keyboard sides. And, if you’re preventive, invest in one of those handy-dandy keyboard covers to keep the off-hour dirt out. If you have to clean the internals of your computer, contact a computer repair service to see how the bugs can be best sorted out.

Here are some computer monitor cleaning tips:

It might be tempting to use Windex bottle or another overall cleaning product but it’s not a good idea. Harsh chemical products may be good for windows or countertops but they can damage computer monitors.

There are plenty of cleaning fluids available on the market, specifically designed for computer monitors, and although these products certainly work, if you don’t want to spend money on them, distilled water should clean mostly and you can combine it with white vinegar for harder grime.

Also avoid paper towels, rags, old t-shirts or many of your normal products for cleaning surfaces in your house. Monitors are more sensitive than they look and these fabrics – even napkins – are sufficiently abrasive to scratch your screen, particularly if you have used them for work that might have accumulated scratch. A microfiber cloth is the most safe choice. Before swiping through on your monitor, make sure it’s free of dirt and grime.

Black screen makes you able to see smudges and dirts so it’s better if your computer is turned off. You and your computer is also safer. Cleaning your monitor with fired up pixels could harm or potentially cause an unwanted electrical jolt to your screen so turning it off is a no-brainer.

Quick wiping should be enough to clean your monitor if dust is the only thing that defiles your screen. Gently brush the screen  in long motion with a microfiber cloth. Be gentle; pressing too hard on the screen could damage the pixels inside.

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