How to Get Started Ice Fishing


How to Get Started Ice Fishing Guide Tips | Cat Tries to Catch Frozen Fish Stuck in Frozen Lake

Safety First! It is not without its dangers to ice fishing. I still recommend a team fishing. At least other anglers should be around who can assist if you are in trouble. As a rule, for a small group of anglers at foot, 4 inches of ice is safe. For snowmobile and other small ATVs, it’s stable at 8-10 inches. Whichever ice is dense, I never suggest that cars or trucks be driven on it.

There is simply no risk of the consequences of losing a vehicle through the ice. Besides ice safety, dress and wear ice cleats in warm layers to prevent slips and falls. A shelter and/or buddy heater make great friends in extreme cold.
Gear up! I’m getting tons of ice-fishing equipment questions. There are plenty of cool tools to pick from automatic jigging rods to underwater fish electronics. For example, it’s an auger, an ice skop, some poles and a handful of small arms that really you need. Mini ice rods are quite costly, and since most waters in Idaho allow five poles per angler, a collection is a good idea. So they don’t be pulled through the ice, I always keep my bars in the retainers. Nor is there any mistake in using rods of the normal size-anyway to maximize your chances!
Keep working! I see a few anglers come out and putting together a bunch of rods to sit on for hours. Sometimes it may fail, but if you work on it, ice fishing is much more successful. At least one rod should be rotated to give each angler some life constantly. Check your appetizer often and switch it (pumpkin, maize, marshmallows, shrimp, mealworms and fish). And if the fish don’t bite, continue to move and boil new trout. Stay until they stop biting after you catch a fish. The practice of ice fishing is often spurted!
Just stick with it! Ice fishing can also be a challenge for experienced anglers. The important thing is to stay there. You will get hooked until you know the complexities and succeed! This is a trade secret for common waters such as Cascade, Magic and C.J. Strike: barky jigs tipped on to a small perch meat are perfect lures at the beginning. Both perch and trout are difficult to resist a delicious baby perch!

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