How to Make Your Bed Properly Guide Tips


All of us know how to make a bed. It was undoubtedly thousands of times your parents who drummed into you when you were younger and made your bed a part of your daily morning routine. Yet do you do it correctly?
You can get used to taking short cuts when it comes to making your bed when you’re a little bit young. But a little attention to detail goes a long way, and you may feel as though you were staying in a luxury hotel room with some extra steps.
How to Make Your Bed Properly Guide Tips | Cat Keeps Climbing the Bed While Humans Make the Bed
1) Clear your bed so that the mattress is tidy and there’s nothing on the bed.
It might sound obvious, but any crumbs between the sheets and your color can be unpleasant–believe the princess and your pea! Remove from the mattress all pillows and bed linen so that nothing is on the bed at all.
2) Fit your bed skirt or box-spring cover.
Especially if you have an unsightly bed frame, sofa base or box-spring (but totally unnecessary if you obviously don’t fit your bed frame style to start with – use common sense for this one), you might want to use a bed skirt or a sofa cover. Not only does a bed skirt make your bed look friendlier and more attractive, it can also be changed to suit the rest of your choice when designing a bedding. The solution is also excellent if you want to use the space below your bed for storage, but don’t necessarily want to show this storage space. Divan bases are well-known to be stubborn to look at, so even a plain sofa or bed skirt will help hide any bland or mattress-like sofa bed.
3) Adjust the mattress to your wool rest or mattress pad.
Most wool rests or mattress pads have elasticated corners to hold the mattress in place. The extra layer on top of your mattress will not only cover your mattress, it will also provide a little extra coating on top of your mattress.
4) Lay the bed sheet down and tuck the edges.
Whether you’re using a fitted bed linen or a regular bed linen, lay it flat to make your surface even closer than you can afford. Don’t press, don’t wrinkle.
5) Place the top sheet down and fold the edges under the mattress.
This is the flat sheet between you and your bunk or blanket while you sleep. You want the designed side of the layer, so it’ll be visible once it is folded into the next step. While your top layer is patterned. Ensure all sides of the top mattress are lying on the sides of the bed equally. You can then make “hospital corners” at the lower end of your bed by first pliing the bottom excess of the sheet and tucking under the side excess of the sheets under the mattress with the draped corner.
6) Place your duvet or blanket over your bed.
Make sure that the overhang is even on both sides when spreading the duvet or blanket. If you use a thick duvet, you might want it to lie on the bed lower because it doesn’t have to be folded over. However, if you’re using a blanket or a very thin duvet, depending on your preference, you might bring it up to a level similar to your top sheet.
7) Fold your duvet and top sheet back.
Now you’re going to want to fold the top sheet over the edge of the duvet, or together with the pillow to fold the two backwards.
8) Fill your pillows and place them on top of the bed.
The best part of making the bed… Time to fluff your pillows! Smooth down the top of the pillow cases gently until properly fluffed and tossed into place. You can double up and have four pillows at the top of your bed between the duvet / sheet and your headboard if you use quite thin pillows–just put a top pair on top of the bottom pair. For each pair of pillows, you could even have different (but matching!) cases.
9) Fold and drape your pillow at the end of your bed.
You can fold a bed throw or a quilt at the end of your bed and drape it so that it falls from either side of your bed equally. When you lay on top of your made bed, the throw should be sufficient to cover your feet and then some.
10) Add any throw pillows, accent pillows, or stuffed toys.
Now you have an opportunity to finish it and turn your bed into your own. You can make your bed look more intimate or welcoming by adding a few more throw pillows or stuffed toys. Finally, finish the last time you smooth out your finished bed and look at your masterpiece with total satisfaction.

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