How to Give Someone a Face Massage Guides

Steps of a basic, traditional face massage:

1. Apply the temples slowly with circular motions. Slow down and gently pause for a few seconds after 5-6 circles.

How to Give Someone a Face Massage Guides | Fluffy Cat Having a Face Massage

2. Start using circular movements in the temples again. Use the same circular movements to move down the jawline.
3. As you return to the jawline, move towards the nose bridge.
4.Slowly make soft movements from the nose bridge to the cheekbone using your thumbs.
5. Now use the thumb and forefinger to push towards the chin with circular motions to create a sweeping movement towards the ear. Repeat twice or three times. 
6. Move to the ears and pull the ear lobes slightly.
7. Use slow, smooth, circular movements around the cheekbone.
8. Return to the temples and repeat the circular movements.
9. Next, using the entire palm-side of the hands, start with the chin and sweep the hands down towards the neck, then back and forth over the ears and temples, adding very light, holding the temple pressure. Repeat twice or three times. In massage techniques, some practitioners use the cool marble stones, making circular movements across the face with them. Six to eight stones are typically used. 
10. End with a 2-3 minute neck and shoulder massage. There are great long sweeping movements around the top of the shoulders and up the neck. Repeat twice or three times.

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