How to Turn Your Baby’s Clothes Into “Memory Bears”

Having a baby is fun until you’re house is full of his/her stuff. You might have a lot of clothes your baby has outgrown and this gives you anxiety. They might fill up your closet and they are taking up way too much space. You want to keep them but they continuously pile up. You wonder what to do with them. Are you gonna dump them?
Don’t worry! We have a solution for that. You don’t have to dump them.
So, what are we gonna do?
Turn your baby’s onesies or old baby clothes into “memory bears!” Memory bears are basically keepsakes that can be treasured by parents and kids for many years to come. You can try other animals besides bears if you want.
Artists, parents, and kids love the idea! How about you?
Okay, so how to DIY a baby onesie into memory teddy bear?
* If you’re creative, just by looking at some examples, you can create one but if you’re not that resoureful or if you want to be more sure of what to do, you can buy the pattern at Etsy.
* No matter what fabric you’re using, you should add fusible interfacing to stabilize the fabric. This will prevent the onesie fabric from bunching.
* For sewing beginners: When you use the pattern to cut pieces, don’t forget to cut two opposite pieces (one for each half of the bear).
* Try lining and ironing the entire onesie at one time before cutting, instead of adding the interfacing to separate onesie pieces (a huge time-saver).

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