The Owner of the Phone Number Shown on “Squid Game” Belongs to a Real Person and Has Received Over 4000 Calls from Fans


If you’ve been online these past few weeks, you’ll see the majority of Netflix subscribers going crazy over ‘Squid Game’, a series in Korea in which individuals with cash straps participate in deadly games to win a big cash prize. The popular series took the top spot on the Netflix charts in many countries around the world.

However, the popularity of the show caused someone in Korea to go through an unpleasant experience. The problem started from a scene in the series between Gong Yoo, who made a brief appearance in the series, and Sung Ki Hoon, played by actor Lee Jung Jae. This scene showed the main character being invited to play and is given a business card with a phone number written on it.

Worse luck, the number is owned by a real person and he has been bombarded with calls from curious fans since the drama premiered on Netflix on Sept. 17. As Today Online reported, Mr. A, has revealed that he has been using that number for 10 years and these calls have greatly affected his daily life. He said,

“I’ve had to delete more than 4,000 numbers from my phone. It has come to the point where people are reaching out day and night due to their curiosity. It drains my phone’s battery and [it] turns off. At first, I didn’t know why, then my friend told me that my number came out in Squid Game.”

So, how did this happen? Well, standard Korean phone numbers have 9 to 11 digits. In the “Squid Game” scene, a set of 8 digits was shown. However, the staff forgot to in remove the first three digits representing the city area code. Therefore if one dials eight digits, he can still get through to the person. So far, Netflix and the production company are currently resolving the issue with Mr. A. Netflix could fine up to 50 million winners (about USD41,990.35) for the mistake.

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