Naughty baby’s mischievous smirk made TikTok users bet on his becoming of ‘the next Joker’


A baby’s naughty look is going viral on TikTok which gained over 25 million views and 62,000 comments when TikTok account Cannizzaro Fam (@briaallyse) posted the mischievous footage online.

Bria’s little boy Kasen’s way of smirking sort of terrifying people around the world.


I have too much fun with this look🤣 #babiesoftiktok #DontDropTheOhYeah #YearOnTikTok #thingsbabiesdo#toddlersoftiktok #whatgangstersdo #momof3

♬ original sound – Tik Toker

In the video, baby Kasen is seen sitting innocently in his highchair but mom Bria reveals that he’s just tossed his bowl of food onto the floor. He then looks over at the camera, as naughty as he is, he smirks sinisterly.

Baby Kasen makes a lot of this “😏,” according to his mom.

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